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1998(?) American Airlines Susie Maxwell Berning

Trying to stay a bit ahead of the curve sent me digging to find a card for Class of 2022 HOFer Susie Maxwell Berning. So far this is the only card I’ve been able to locate for her and haven’t been able to figure out much about it other than the American Airlines logo and

1992 Powell PM Cards Jack Nicklaus #1

Whether you’re a collector of fine art, precious metals, sports cards of all-time greats, or just golf cards in particular, this one has it all. Manufactured by Mitsubishi Materials, each card contains 1 gram of four 9s gold, artwork by famed sports artist Gregory Perillo, and featuring Jack Nicklaus carefully eyeing a putt, this Powell

1995 FPG James Warhola #28 An Unusual Golfing Expedition

A fun little odd ball fantasy card featuring golf. I don’t really know anything about the artist or company that produced these, but had to have a copy once I saw it. A little bit about how they were distributed: https://www.fpguniverse.com/james-warhola-fantasy-art-trading-cards TCDB Checklist: https://www.tcdb.com/Checklist.cfm/sid/145842/1995-FPG-James-Warhola Size: 2 1/2 x 3 1/2″ Country of Origin: USA

1965 Crack Golazo Tarjeton #150 Roberto de Vicenzo

While not a household name stateside, Roberto is the golfer with the most worldwide professional wins I’m aware of with a staggering 229. Spending his time largely on the Argentinian circuit, one might think those wins don’t count for a lot. However, when faced with the best competition in the world, he proved his mettle


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