Welcome to golfcardguy.com

The primary focus of this site will be to document, catalog, and identify all the golf cards in existence in one place, a tall order that will surely never be completely fulfilled. Since the work of Philip Smedley and Bruce Berdock in The Price Guide of Golf Cards Parts 1 & 2 in the early-mid 1990s, I’m not aware of any resource that have attempted this in one location. I have posts scattered on various card related forums, but not a consolidated view that this site will be. A rather loose definition of “golf card” will be used here, including, but not limited to:

  • Any traditional trading card that pictures even golf equipment (club, ball, cart, etc.)
  • Key postcards featuring known golfers, published in an exising guide, or ones that I find interesting
  • Photos from the occasional Type 1s, Advisory Staff, etc.
  • Calling cards featuring known golfers
  • Non-golf cards of World Golf HOF members, like Olympics cards of Babe Didrickson Zaharias
  • Whatever other random golf ephemera I deem worthy

I understand all of these may not fit everyone’s collection, but hopefully you’ll find enough useful information otherwise to make it worth your while to visit.

What this site will not cover, in any great detail at least:

  • 1981/1982 Donruss base sets
  • 1990-1992 Pro Set base sets
  • 2001-current Upper Deck major releases (including SP, SP Authentic, and SP Game Used)
  • Pricing

There are plenty of places to go with complete information on those sets and pricing changes too quickly to attempt. I’m sure I’ll touch on some promos, prototypes, and more unusual aspects of the most common modern releases or a quick announcement on upcoming releases, but that is not the intended focus of this site. ACEOs, unlicensed, and custom cards will be a grey area, I have no intention of pushing them as legitimate collectibles, but some will be interesting enough to deserve a mention and/or warning.

There will be no rhyme or reason to the sequencing of my posts and will fluctuate from pre-war to current, major golf release to obscure oddball, at whatever whim inspires me that day. If you have a specific set or card you would like to see a post on, feel free to send it in the Site Feedback on the About page.

When available, I will include links to other sources like PSA’s Pop Report, a TCDB checklist, manufacturer’s website and/or any relevant articles I’m aware of. If you prefer another TPG (or none at all) or checklist site, more power to you. I’ll reference what I use as my preferred due to their breadth of information, ease of use, and pricing (free).

Welcome and thanks for visiting! I hope you find your visit enjoyable and informative. Hope to see you again soon!

One comment

  • Frankie Madrid

    Does anybody have any info if this was a card also because I’ve only found info on the photo. I’ve got a card that’s is exactly the same as photo version?


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