1949 Exhibit Champions – Ben Hogan

Front Image
Back Image

In 1948, the Exhibit Supply Company of Chicago issued a multi-sport series of 32 “Champions” in black and white, followed by a reissue of the same 32 subjects in a green tint variety, and in 1949 a modified list with some of the subjects replaced in a blue tint variety. Full details of this set are available in Adam S. Warshaw’s Exhibit and Related Sports Arcade Cards.

After his US Open win in June of 1948, World Golf HOFer Ben Hogan was one of the replacement subjects in the 1949 edition of this set. While many consider the 1951 Berk Ross single or panel to be Hogan’s RC, this is the earliest issue I’m aware of for him and personally find it to be much more aesthetically pleasing.

Size: 3 5/16 x 5 3/8″ (Tallboy)

Country of Origin: USA

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