1965 Crack Golazo Tarjeton #150 Roberto de Vicenzo


While not a household name stateside, Roberto is the golfer with the most worldwide professional wins I’m aware of with a staggering 229. Spending his time largely on the Argentinian circuit, one might think those wins don’t count for a lot. However, when faced with the best competition in the world, he proved his mettle with 17 top-10s in Majors out of 44 attempts, capped with a win in the 1967 The Open Championship by 2 strokes over Jack Nicklaus.

Text on the back roughly translates to:

(He) started as a “caddie” in Migueletes and then proved in goodness his conditions. (He) has the record of titles, having obtained all (of the) Latin American (titles). He has wins in Holland, Germany, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Ireland and many other countries. In England he was three times third in the British Open. He has also been the only Argentine to achieve victories in (the) golf mecca, i.e. in the United States. He has several brothers, all golf professionals.

Roberto is the only golfer in this multi-sport set and caps it off with #150 out of 150 in the checklist, so as you can imagine, it’s a tough one to find in decent shape as many first and last cards of the era are. It’s amusing many did not know of a de Vicenzo card until the 1999 Gallery of Legend British Open Golf Collection set was issued. There are at least 4 cards issued of him well prior to this.

Full checklist: https://cartophilic-info-exch.blogspot.com/2017/07/crack-argentina-golazo-06-complete.html

PSA pop report: https://www.psacard.com/pop/multi-sport-cards/1965/crack-golazo-tarjeton/125884

Country of issue: Argentina

Size: 2 13/32 x 3 9/16″

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