1992 Powell PM Cards Jack Nicklaus #1


Whether you’re a collector of fine art, precious metals, sports cards of all-time greats, or just golf cards in particular, this one has it all. Manufactured by Mitsubishi Materials, each card contains 1 gram of four 9s gold, artwork by famed sports artist Gregory Perillo, and featuring Jack Nicklaus carefully eyeing a putt, this Powell Associates/PM Cards release is stunning in hand and the scans do not do it justice.

PM Cards did several releases of athletes from other sports and Native Americans from 1991-1993 that some, in addition to the gold version were also available in 1oz silver or 1g platinum varieties also. I have never seen the Golden Bear in anything other than gold and this advertisement postcard seems to indicate that is the only way his issue was released …

Postcard Front
Postcard Back

While there is mention of this release being limited to 10,000, I personally believe the actual number produced to be far less than that amount (similar to the 1992 Mueller’s set, but that’s a topic for another day). The highest serial number I’ve tracked is in the mid-500s, but want to say I saw a high-600s at one time that I didn’t capture. I’m really curious what these sold for originally, as I’ll continue picking them up whenever I can grab one for less that the 1g of gold spot price (currently ~$60).

Some additional related miscellaneous items associated with this card, the slipcover/COA they were issued in, that seem to rarely accompany the cards these days …

Bottom Half of Inside w/COA

and a promo/sample version that appears to be encased in an early Alan Hager designed case for ASA (the case design later purchased by PSA) with no header label …

Encased Front
Encased Back

How many of these #0000 samples were produced? Is this the same one pictured on the advertisement postcard? Just a couple of the questions I have about it. I’ve seen promos for some of the non-golf that state “Promo” and “No Precious Metal Content”, but this one doesn’t. Does this one have a gram of gold? I like to think so, but I don’t know. Hit up the comments if you have any additional information on these.

Size: 2 5/16 x 3 5/16″ (card only, not counting laminate casing)

Country of Origin: Japan

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