golfcardguy is just a guy who likes to collect golf cards and occasionally some other golf ephemera.

I’ve been collecting golf cards since 2011, dabbling in everything from 19th century to current, dedicated golf sets to golfers in multi-sport sets, and lots of oddball cards featuring movie scenes to golf equipment.

Like many card collectors, I started off collecting baseball cards in the 80s, dabbled in some football and basketball, and took a long break when life got in the way. When I got back into collecting, it was back to baseball and football primarily, but started dabbling in golf also since I’d picked up hitting the links in the years between. What was once dabbling in golf cards has evolved into a full blown obsession at this point and I’m working to liquidate most of the rest.

I’ve met a lot of other great collectors along the way and thought it was time to give something back to the community by sharing what I’ve learned, as well as reach out for assistance on some things I still haven’t been able to figure out.

While I am a “tech guy”, website and graphic design is not in my wheelhouse, so this is new territory for me. I would appreciate any constructive feedback on how/what to improve.