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1995 FPG James Warhola #28 An Unusual Golfing Expedition

A fun little odd ball fantasy card featuring golf. I don’t really know anything about the artist or company that produced these, but had to have a copy once I saw it. A little bit about how they were distributed: https://www.fpguniverse.com/james-warhola-fantasy-art-trading-cards TCDB Checklist: https://www.tcdb.com/Checklist.cfm/sid/145842/1995-FPG-James-Warhola Size: 2 1/2 x 3 1/2″ Country of Origin: USA

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1950 Jimmy Demaret at Concord International Golf Course

Dressed in his typically outrageous fashion, HOFer Jimmy Demaret (pictured on the left) is waiting on his fellow competitors. I’ve always found reliably determining the year of issue for unused postcards to be quite difficult, so was really happy to stumble across this in my searches for this one: https://repository.library.brown.edu/studio/item/bdr:44900/ While not the exact postcard, it is another from the

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1974 Little Caesars Sport Calendar All-Stars Trading Cards

From 1970-1975, Little Caesars Pizza issued a series of Sports Calendars highlighted by an athlete each month with artwork by caricaturist Tasco. The early years were dominated by local Detroit athletes, while the later started to include national favorites. For golf card collectors, 1974 is the key calendar since it includes none other than Jack Nicklaus, representing September that year.

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